An introduction to MMDesigns

We’re a team of web developers, SEO pros, and branding experts who’ve banded together to help businesses like yours blow past obstacles to business growth.


You, your business, and your customers are affected by what we do. So, for hassle-free collaborations and your long-term success, we’re committed to being 100% proactive and transparent about our work.


Mediocrity is all around us. We can’t stomach the thought of adding to it. If you can’t either, we should chat. No matter the project, we never settle for less than our best work and it pays off big time!


Nowadays, standing out from the crowd is essential. To be an industry authority and to outlast the competition, you have to bring something different to the table. What? We’ll help you figure it out.


Founder and CEO

Nothing gets Maj, the leader of the MMDesigns team, more pumped than helping business owners solve stubborn business challenges.

Maj spent several years collaborating with one of New Jersey’s most successful marketing and branding agencies—Paper Tiger. On the daily, he now brings to the table at MMDesigns the same expertise that made him an asset to that top-notch team.

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Not to mention ocean deep knowledge of Computer Science and firsthand experience as a business owner. 

All of the above help Majed to educate teammates and clients on the value of solid strategy and precise marketing execution. 

The MMDesigns Team

Powering Your Success

Business growth rarely happens by chance. Solid strategy and near-flawless execution are essential to consistently attract the right people and turn them into future customers. Not to mention the chops needed to consistently turn future customers into real customers.

We should know (both from firsthand experience and from working with countless clients).

So to get what you offer in front of more of the right people, we offer affordable SEO services. Think of it as a steady stream of quality website traffic on autopilot. To grab and hold potential customers’ attention, we can craft an irresistible, memorable visual identity for your business. Finally, to convert them into paying customers and loyal supporters, we design fast, responsive, SEO-friendly websites.

In other words, we offer full-circle solutions to help you overcome challenges like low conversion to grow your business and industry authority.

Meet the Team

People of MMDesgins


JavaScript Developer &
eCommerce Solutions Whiz

James is a lean, MEAN stack machine! When it comes to building dynamic websites, he’s the go-to.

The 10+ years of experience under James’ belt enables him to help our clients tackle complex eCommerce issues.

James enjoys optimizing UX for future customers and helping eCommerce business owners grow their revenue.

Jason Dumma

SEO Specialist

If SEO were an Olympic sport, Jason would be a major contender.

He’s got a unique approach to increase organic traffic, improve organic rankings, and boost revenue through SEO campaigns (as much as $200K for past clients!).

Jason has an IT degree and 10+ years’ SEO experience working with top global brands with stellar success — no surprise, as his motto has always been to put the needs of clients first, and his bottom line second.

Hamza Khan

Headless Expert

Headless Expert with over 3 years + experience in React, NextJs, Contentful and Prismic.

Good at communicating and troubleshooting challenging issues.

Tobias Moritz

NextJs Expert

NextJs expert with over four experience building apps and websites for clients in Shopify .

Has knowledge of VueJs and other CMS in headless.

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