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Responsive web design services

Website loading slowwwwly? Does the design display incorrectly on mobile? Is it a pain to navigate? These and a million other issues can cost you customers. It’s our job to make sure they don’t!

The impact of responsive web design

Poorly-designed and underperforming websites cost more than they’re worth! Instead, you want an attractive, fast, functional, and responsive website that:

Boosts your credibility

People buy from companies they trust. For them to feel good about buying from you, your site needs to make you look like a bonafide pro (that cares about quality).

Retains visitors

If few visitors stay on-site long enough to learn and get excited about what you can do for them, you’ll make very little money. Your site has to keep them interested!

Converts site visitors

It should be simple for visitors to become customers when they’re ready. We make sure that it is so that you can reach your goal of increased revenue and profits.

What You Should Know

About our web design services

Flexibility is the name of our game! For example, we don’t just work on WordPress sites or just on Shopify sites. The MMDesigns team has extensive experience building, redesigning, and maintaining WordPress, Shopify, and Webflow sites. Whether that involves doing speed audits and optimisation, fixing pesky bugs or coding custom themes, chances are that we can help.

While our responsive web design agency is London-based, we work with businesses throughout Europe. Not to mention America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore. We offer after-hours support via Whatsapp to accommodate these different time zones and to ensure that issues are resolved quickly so your website can get back to making money for you!

After all, your website is the heart of your online business. If it’s not beating as it should, you are losing money. We prevent this by applying the latest user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) principles and working to identify and solve design problems standing in the way of more sales.

How Does It Work?

A peek at the process

The process looks a little something like this. In a meeting with our team, you’d paint a picture of how you’d like the website to look and function. (No idea is too wild to put on the table; we love outside-the-box thinking!) You’d also tell us about your goals for the website and your ideal timeframe. 

From there, we’d take it and run with it, starting with the creation of a mockup. Once signed off on by you, it would be time for the development stage, during which you’d get weekly progress updates. Now fast forward to the successful launch of your website. 

You’d have access to our team for two months at no additional cost to fix any issues and make sure that everything’s running smoothly. If you wanted to, you could even keep us on board to provide ongoing support beyond the three months to keep the site operating at its best.

Other services

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on the first page of relevant search results can bring a steady stream of quality traffic (future customers) to your website. Need more traffic?

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Your business’ visual identity can either boost or hurt your credibility and, ultimately, make or break your sales. Let’s make sure you’ve got it right!

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