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Graphic design and branding services

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get a visual identity that works. Get top-tier branding for a fraction of the cost of most logo design and branding services with MMDesigns!

Advantages of stunning visual branding

Is your business “dressed to impress” or is its visual identity doing more harm than good? Your graphics should:

Attract future customers

Your visuals—your logo, your social media posts, and the whole nine yards—must be eye-catching.

Make you memorable

Attention’s good but not good enough if you’re forgettable. Why? Most people don’t buy right away!

Contribute to sales

Reeling the right people in + keeping them interested in your business = more revenue for you.

Get What You Need

We specialise in graphic design and branding

Humans are visually-driven. The point? If you want to rake in more customers, increase your revenue, and take home greater profits, your brand identity game better be strong!

From your logo and typography to your website banners and social media posts, all of it has to be on point. That’s where our London-based visual branding agency comes in. You’ll be our partner in the process of designing and perfecting your custom logo or choosing the type that fits your brand message like a glove. Same goes for designing responsive website banners or social media posts that promote meaningful engagement and lead to sales.

The Process

How does it work?

How does the process work? Well, it always starts with a chat about your creative vision, the business goals you’re chasing, and the incredible impact your new or improved brand identity would have. Next up, our team dives into research to:

• Capture the essence of what your business stands for

• Make sure the right people will vibe with your logo, typography or other visuals

• Help you stand way out from the competition to get more eyes on you, make you memorable, and spark interest in what you do

After this comes the fun part! Based on any ideas you gave us and inspiration sparked by our research, we begin creating. Once the initial mockup or recommendations are ready, you can let us know what you think and if you like the direction your visual branding is heading.

From there, it’s all about perfecting the final product so we offer up to 4 free change requests. In most cases, that’s more than enough to get your graphics and visual identity just right, which means no worries about having to pay for each little tweak.

Other services

Website Design

Online, all roads lead to your website. So it’s got to be lightning-fast, responsive, and provide a stellar user experience. Need a new or improved website?

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Search Engine Optimization

Ranking on the first page of relevant search results can bring a steady stream of quality traffic (future customers) to your website. Need more traffic?

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